Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Helping Plan : Helping India

YOU are at the RIGHT Place for REAL Time very Good Opportunity.

Referral Link:   https://sergey-mavrodi.helping-india.com/open-account.php?refid=152381

Sponsor Id:  294728
Sponsor name:  Vinay
Position:   RIGHT
Mob. No.   9702963569

NOTE: When feeding the Registration Form please have Mobile. No, E-mail ID, Bank details

HELP plan:
The system is offering “Give Help & Get Help” opportunity. Registration is totally free. You may Register to GIVE HELP for an amount of between 1000 INR to 50,000 INR. 

Once YOU are Registered. Give HELP within Five (5) Days.
A Daily interest of 10% is calculated by the System starting from the next day. You will be instructed by the system to “GIVE HELP” or deposit the amount in the RECEIVER’s Bank A/c.
Once confirmed by Receiver, now YOU will receive “HELP” in the form of money deposited in YOU’RE A/c.

Affiliate / binary plan:
1.Direct Referral @ of 10% on the all new Investment made by Registered participants.
2.A Binary payment of 10 % per Pair, as matched by the System from both sides, i.e. Left/Right. 
3.A Binary Daily Capping of Rs. 50,000/User ID, with power Leg carry forwarded.

My Opinion:
The Help plan or website was created on 8th of March, 2013. The site was launched on17th of March, 2013. Payment in the system is as “Give Help and Get Help” basis, i.e. in Bank A/c. Most probably the Bank transactions would start from 1st or 2nd April, 2013. 

Some Facts:
This system is only functional in India. More than Two Hundred New Investors are joining the System per day and above two thousands Investors are Login per day, which has been analyzed from different methods on the Internet.

This Helping Plan has been accepted very well by the Investors. The site is getting more than the expected traffic, Due to this it is taking a lot of time to open & Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.

1.GIVING & GETTING HELP is the personal view and requirement of different individuals.  
2.This Opportunity is open to all but, is not binding for anyone to be involved in it. 
3.Please feel free to contact & comment. If you have something new, then do inform. 

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